AGILE Academy Workshop in Hamburg

AGILE Academy take-off!

  • AGILE Academy kick-off workshop
    AGILE Academy kick-off workshop
  • Working session: developing the design process
  • N2 chart assembled by the Academy team
  • Hands-on session: integrating the first collaborative aircraft design process
  • First collaborative aircraft design process successfully executed by the Academy team!


A team of 8 students from different academic institutions joined in Hamburg for the 1st AGILE Academy workshop.

During the 3 days workshop members of the AGILE consortium provided hands-on sessions on the technologies developed by the AGILE project.

The Academy team successfully developed and executed the 1st collaborative aircraft design process, by making use of the AGILE aircraft design framework.

In the next phases the Academy team will make us of the AGILE technologies within a collaborative aircraft design task.

The Academy team used the technologies provided by the AGILE framework to deploy a collaborative aircraft design process. During the workshop sessions each team member was representing a disciplinary expert, and all the disciplinary competences were integrated into a single representative aircraft design process.