AGILE Challenge

AGILE is developing the next generation of aircraft Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization processes, which target significant reductions in aircraft development costs and time to market, leading to cost-effective and greener aircraft solutions (more info on AGILE)

Ready to touch and play with the AGILE Technologies? Join the AGILE Challenge


AGILE is making available the developed collaborative MDO technologies! The AGILE Challenge, as second cycle of the AGILE Academy initiative, targets to establish multiple distributed design teams of students, collaboratively working and competing on multiple design tasks enabled by the AGILE technologies. All the components of the AGILE environment will be distributed to the students’ teams as an AGILE Open MDO test suite for Educational and Research purposes.

The AGILE Challenge is open to every student (PhD, MSc, BSc, projects, etc.) with interest in aircraft design and MDO and willing to experience collaborative aircraft design in a multi-national and cross- organizational environment!

Why to join:

      • Access the AGILE developed technologies and experience them in a collaborative aircraft design challenge!
      • Join the collaborative MDO community!
      • Win the challenge and get invited to present your results at the AGILE final workshop in Hamburg, Germany!


      • CEAS 2017 Conference: Launch of the AGILE Challenge & opening registration
      • December 2017: Deadline for registration & assembly of the aircraft design teams
      • May 2018: End of the AGILE Challenge activities and review of the design tasks.
      • May 2018: Winning Team Invited @ AGILE final meeting in Hamburg


      • Register to join the AGILE Challenge!
      • Multiple aircraft design teams will be setup with students from registered Organizations which are not in the AGILE Consortium (~2 students per Organization).
      • Each design team will be formed by at least 3 different Organizations, assembled to guarantee complementary skills in each team.
      • Each design team will be assigned and supported by a main Point of Contact from the AGILE Partners.
      • Coaching activities will be arranged by AGILE Partners  (e.g. telco & webinars on AGILE technologies).
      • Mid-terms results reviewed by the AGILE review board.
      • Final results reviewed by the AGILE review board and the winning team will be invited to present their results in the final AGILE Project workshop.

Challenge use case:

The distributed collaborative MDO teams will be challenged to design aircraft closely related to the configurations designed in AGILE, accounting for the skills available within each team, and interests from each of the participating Organization.

Prize for the winning team:

The winning team will be invited and hosted by the AGILE Consortium to present their result at the final AGILE final workshop in May 2018 in Hamburg Germany! The AGILE Consortium will cover all the travelling expenses for the winning team, and arrange a 3 days program!