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AGILE receives the prestigios “ICAS Award for Innovation in Aeronautics”.

The “ICAS Award for Innovation in Aeronautics” is handed out “for outstanding and innovative contributions to the development of advanced aeronautical systems.”

The AGILE Project Consortium was selected “in recognition of aeronautic innovations and accomplishments in advancing the next generation of collaborative Multidisciplinary Design and Optimisation processes in international collaborations”. ICAS Awards page.

European Commission press release. Press release on DLR websitePress release on Internationales Verkhrwesen. Press release on CIAM website. Press release on AIRINNOVA website. Press release on ONERA website.

Here you can watch the ICAS Award Lecture for Innovation in Aeronautics by AGILE Project Coordinator Pier Davide Ciampa (DLR).

A report with pictures of the ICAS awardees at the 2018 congress can be downloaded here.

AGILE featured in article in AIAA AEROSPACE AMERICA 2018 year in review. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization: New computing tools, international collaboration spell design progress.

Streamlining the aircraft development process. AGILE features in European Commission Success Stories.

AGILE part of the AIAA Forum 360 Panel – Europe, Open to the World to Transform Aviation. Pier Davide Ciampa (DLR), Project coordinator gives an overview of the project.

European Commission Prioritizes Innovation and Collaboration Under Horizon 2020. Press article on Avionics International about AGILE participation at AIAA AVIATION Forum 360 High Level panel. Avionics International.

Article published on “Platinum Research & Innovation”, pag.18.

AGILE Academy Kick off at DLR Hamburg. TU Delft news article on the Academy Initiative.

Innovative design process for faster and cheaper development of ‘green’ aircraft. Article on AGILE on NLR website.

Partner Noesis Solutions presents “Scanning the Sky”: an executive summary of 3 technical papers on the AGILE research project, presented at the AIAA Aviation Forum
Scanning the sky